Introduction: the road to Bonn

I am not a scientist… is the war cry of politicians pleading ignorance on climate change.

I am a believer in climate change. In fact, I consider myself an environmentalist. In this capacity, I’ve held many titles. So far I’ve been a daughter of environmental activists, a Bosun on a conservation ship, a researcher on deforestation, a marcher in climate change rallies, and a policy analyst focused on land use change emissions.

But I am not a scientist… at least not yet (grad school is just around the corner).

I analyse science. Over the last two years, I have been following the science on forests, deforestation, and expanding agricultural land. I analyzed global causes of deforestation, and researched studies estimating land use emissions. Most recently, have been following international negotiations on climate change treaties. As part of this more recent endeavor, I am flying to Bonn tomorrow. International talks are happening right now in Bonn, as countries negotiate terms of their emissions reduction strategies.

I am writing this blog in an attempt to untangle and digest the politics and science of international negotiations on climate change. My hope is that these entries will help others on similar quests.


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